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A garden planter is an improvement to your garden.
The product is made of stainless steel, reinforced with legs of galvanized profiles, powder coated.
The combination of the best features of sheet metal with a modern outline gave us a minimalist, light structure.
We have made every effort to ensure that the shape of individual elements developed by us is
resistant to buckling.

D 40_50_50.png


B F warzywnik z dnem.png

The GARDEN STEEL vegetable planter will fit perfectly into the space a home space for a garden,
glass, terrace or balcony.
Its ergonomic design allows the user to work with plants in a pleasant way without unnecessarily burdening the spine, and the material from which it is made provides protection against weather conditions.


CZ donica 40x40x40 b_edited.png

A garden is not only a place that requires
a lot of work from us.

It is also a comfort zone worth entering
aesthetic and practical values, hence the idea was born
for an introduction to our range of barbecue products
and two types of firepits.


A brama przesuwna 150 x 600 cm.png

A sense of security is one of the most important values,
which man is able to work out for himself.
So little is needed to satisfy this basic need. When outside, let's protect what is important to us:
family, animals, plants.

GARDEN STEEL fences will surely meet your requirements. The combination of modern form and durable construction will allow for many years of use of our components,
and will complete the composition of your garden.

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