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vegetables planter

The GARDEN STEEL vegetables planter will fit perfectly
into the space of a
home space for a garden, glass, terrace or balcony.
Its ergonomic design allows the user to work with plants in a pleasant way
without unnecessarily burdening the spine, and the material from which it is made
gives protection against weather conditions.

D warzywnik.png
A warzywnik.png
B warzywnik.png

height width:

90 cm - including the depth of the bowl 30 cm
50 cm
100 cm

These modules have a bottom with dimensions of 48 x 104 cm,

available on request.

primary colors:

kolor podstawowy PL.png

* klikając w kolory powyżej zostaniesz przeniesiony do naszego sklepu

colors available on request:

kolory dodatkowe.png
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