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garden planter

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rabata ogrodowa

A garden planter is an improvement to your garden.
The product was made of stainless steel,
reinforced with legs made of galvanized profiles, powder coated.
The combination of the best features of sheet metal
with a modern outline gave us a minimalist, lightweight construction.
We have made every effort to develop the shape of individual elements developed by us
it was resistant to buckling.

A wide selection in terms of size, color and simple design
allows for individual customization of rebates
for every garden, greenhouse or terrace.

We have extended the basic package with the option of ordering a garden planter with a bottom.
This option is applicable
when using our products, for example indoors.

model: KD

B 20_50_200 bez logo.png

KD 2

height:  width:

20 cm
50 cm
200 cm

B 40_50_200 bez logo.png

KD 4

height width:

40 cm
50 cm

200 cm

B 60_50_200.png

KD 6

height width:

60 cm
50 cm
200 cm

B 80_50_200.png

KD 8

height width:

80 cm
50 cm
200 cm

These modules have a bottom with dimensions of 48 x 204 cm,

available on request.

primary colors:

kolor podstawowy PL.png

* klikając w kolory powyżej zostaniesz przeniesiony do naszego sklepu

colors available on request:

kolory dodatkowe.png
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